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OSF II SIM Unlock Steps

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Sanjay said...

Thanks Ramesh... It was really helpful...I was trying this from last 1 week... But the files which you mentioned made the diffrence...Thanks again..

Anonymous said...

When I click on the link "OSF_II_Unlocking.tar", it takes me to a website which asks for premium downlaod and stuff. Could you plz guide me as how to download this file on my laptop. thanx

groovyshazxx said...


but where shall i get this file from? Go to “03 Preparation” directory and run the “install-recovery-windows.bat” file.

Hermione01 said...

Hi, when i go to 03 preparation and run the cmd line,it says waiting for device for over 10 minutes any ideas

Savi Kumar said...

“03 Preparation” directory will be part of the OSF_II_Unlocking.rar file which you download in the step 2.

For Hermione01 -- I think, your phone is not detected by the computer. I would advice you to uninstall both the software and remove any additional USB drivers installed, then restart the machine & try the steps again.

brewskeyboy said...

Hi. I get the same problem as Hermione01...

The phone is detected, as it vibrates and the screen switches to green android man. However, the phone stays like this whilst CMD just says "waiting for device". Have to take the battery out to restart the phone.

Any ideas?

Savi Kumar said...

If your phone switches, then you can proceed next step. This "03 Preparation" Steps will help your phone to enable FTM Mode. Try proceeding the next step to put your phone in to FTM.

I have done one more unlock today on windows XP OS and I Have seen "Error : device not found" in the screen when I Proceed the "03 Preparation", this was because of the driver. I resolved the driver and I end up with the same issue as like brewskeyboy. I suspect this is because of the updated ROM loaded by default.

You proceed with Next Step, It will work. I have captured, soon I will post the video.

brewskeyboy said...

Nevermind, I sorted it simply by turning off my firewall and trying a port on the back of my laptop.

Thanks for the guide!

LiverpoolStu said...

Couldn't get the debranded rom to load (screen said ANDROID, so I gave up waiting and used the stock ROM.
I used Bouncer5's De-branding post and it worked fine. I suspect you need to add steps about wiping data.

groovyshazxx said...

I have unlocked my mobile but now its come up saying CWM -based Recovery v4.0.1.5

and certain options?

if someone has been through thisprocess?

can i just click on reboot system?

Majid said...

Step 17: Hi there, When i reach to this step to say start, I cant press start as it is in grey area. It woudlnt give me any option. Any suggestions plz. Thanx

Savi Kumar said...

Hi groovyshazxx,
You need to install the ROM, Start performing the steps from 21 till 24. It will restore your ROM.

Hi Majid,
Close the QPST Software and run the download.exe file, grey area will enable once the phone is detected.

JayB said...

After the QPST restore I reboot to get the CWM -based Recovery v4.0.1.5.

So I did the 'post unlock' and now get

Android system recovery (3e)

The only restore option is

'apply sdcard:update.zip'

I have copied across a ROM (and renamed to update.zip) but keep getting

E:signature verification failed

Any ideas?

Savi Kumar said...

Hi JayB,

The downloaded file might be corrupted, try downloading again and perform the steps 22 and 24 ( 23 is not required ). I had tried the 2nd File (OUK_P736VV1.0.0B11 (19Nov2011) official Stock ROM ) in the list. can you try downloading this file and restore the ROM.

JayB said...

Unfortunately, step 23.. the post unlock.

Not really sure if my phone is being recognised by my PC - because I can't even start it up (in USB debugging)

Savi Kumar said...

Hi JayB,
Thatz why, I particularly asked you to skip the step 23 in my previous comment.

Majid said...

Hi there Savi,
I have reached to stage 20 and i removed usb from my phone. Phone was showing CWM-based Recovery giving me options to boot, back up and restore etc etc. I took the battery out and started phone again but same Recovery mode is there. I cant even download any rom as phone is not recognised by the pc. even if i dont want to install a new rom, is there a way to get the phone back working unlocked? thank you

JayB said...


That was a problem I was having (although with the Android Recovery).

Download one of the ROMs (in the 21 section above) and copy onto your Micro SD card....no need to rename to update.zip

Put this in your phone and on the CWM recovery options 'install zip from sd card' and then select the zip of the ROM.

It'll flash the ROM and select the reboot option.

JayB said...

I forgot to add that I did install the 'de-branded' ROM but it seemingly lost some Orange stuff like signal boost...and also the touchpad was a touch off - often the icon to the right of the one I wanted to select was selected (if you see what I mean).
So, I then reflashed with the stock (Nov 2011) ROM - but first I had to redo steps 16-20 (i.e. do the unlock-OSF2 and then QPST restore) to get back into CWM restore.
For info, even after flashing the stock ROM, an O2 SIM worked.

Majid said...

The ROM in section 21 is in win rar format and it shows it as an archive. Shall i copy on to sd card any way?

Majid said...

JayB I just did the way you said. Downloaded the file on to sd card then i installed from sd card and then rebooted. It is still in CWM recovery. Could it be that the ROM is in win rar format? Please advise. Thank you

Majid said...

I un installed win rar and downloaded 19 NOV ROM again and now it is showing four different files i.e. MATA-INF, System, Boot.img, Recovery.img....I am lost as which one to copy to sd card? :(

JayB said...

You shouldn't need to unzip - it's opening up in WinRar as that must be your default program for archive files (RARs, ZIPs and the like).

So just copy the archive file with should be OUK_P736VV1.0.0B11-update_signed.zip (the .zip suffix might be hidden).

OK.. rename to update.zip (it should already be a .zip)and copy to the SD card (not in any folder). Or copy to the card and rename (probably the best idea). In CWM select

update /sdcard/update.zip

Give it a few mins to flash/load the ROM. And reboot.

Majid said...

Thank you very much Jay B . I just checked T- mobile sim and it works. Thank you for helping a newbie.

JayB said...


I found that flashing seemed to work better if I unplugged the USB lead and just used battery - although my battery was near fully charged (I won't try it with a near flat one!!).

Let me know if it does work for you - I'd be pleased to know you're back up and running (with your phone).

JayB said...

Oh.. you posted that when I was typing!!

Good to hear that your phone's working - I'm looking a flashing a 'non-Orange' ROM when I'm confident all the issues have been ironed out...I've heard issues with the virtual keyboard. Because I'd like to ditch the Orange bloatware.

mo33 said...

The link to show how to get wifi mac code doesnt seem to work, can you tell me how

JayB said...

mo33... your existing MAC code?

Go into Settings....Select the option at the bottom of the Settings list 'About device'.

From the next list, select the second option 'Status'

Wi-Fi MAC address is third from the bottom (of the list) but tapping/clicking on it does nothing - it's just info.

I believe that if your Wi-Fi's never been on, nothing will be listed.

syd68 said...

took me two hours but i did it :) EPIC xD

brewskeyboy said...

Thanks again for this guide, and merry Christmas!

After playing about with the debranded ROM, I'd like to revert back to the stock ROM. Could you please tell me in beginner instructions how to change the ROM without mucking it all up?

Thanks a lot,

mo33 said...

Have same problem as Majid had at stage 20 phone in CWM recovery mode computer doesn't recognize phone so cant copy file to sd card. I don't have a card reader for the micro sd but I do have a blackberry curve with the same card would that work or would it be a different format

mo33 said...

OK no problem Blacberry worked phone unlocked and up and running

brewskeyboy said...

Ah, I sorted my problem so don't worry. Cheers.

Savi Kumar said...

I have amended the Note to perform the steps 21 and 22 to copy the ROM File in to sdcard before start the process. this will solve the issue to continue the steps smooth. Thanks for your comments.

George ZZzz said...

Great job! Thank you very much.

Next step: could I root OSF II?

FT said...

hi, thanks. Works as instructed, but I would like to add that you need to be Admin for all these steps and also, if the USB driver doesn't work, e.g. the command "adb devices" shows no devices, you will need to reboot the computer.
Also, there should be a step 15.5 to release the QPST program's access to the COM port so that in step 16, the "download.exe" program can have access to the COM port and you can "start" the process. I got stuck here, not realising that the port had not be released previously.

FT said...

Lastly, in step 22, 24, you don't need to rename the ROM as "update.zip" as the latest recovery image can select any file on the SD card.

Jerry said...


I am stuck after preperation. My phone is in the FTM mode but when I try to Backup QCN file QPST does not detect my phone.. Any Ideas.

peadar86 said...

Thank you for your excellent guide. I have installed the r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip Custom ROM and everything works except that the touch screen is slightly off - it activates whatever is to the right of where I tap. This makes the keyboard difficult to use. How do I boot into recovery mode to try one of the other roms? I've tried various key combinations but no joy.

Jerry said...


Ignore my last comment. got that resolved. but now my phone always shows CWM-based Recovery giving me options to boot, back up and restore etc etc. any ideas.. I did try to reboot the phone but it get stuck..

Jerry said...

Hi Guys,

Brillent Job to all.. Thanks for the detailed steps.. I have an unlocked OSF II.. If anyone can tell me how to flash Orange out of the phone it will great.

Happy New Year to all.

Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Anyone can help me?
I've followed all steps of this guide but now my phone is in clock work mode and i'm not able to charge any rom.Anyone can post a video?After download of official Rom how i can transfer this Rom from my laptop to sd card?Sorry but i'm new in android.IF anyone can help me step by step in msn or skype please tell me.Thanks again.

Ricky said...

I've tried 3 different XP computers but they all stop at step 8 with when running install-recovery-windows.bat
The phone vibrates and Android man shows.

I give up.

Savi Kumar said...

Hi pykkietto, proceed the steps 21,22 & 24 to install ROM.

Hi Ricky, Proceed the next step 9, if your phone goes to FTM, then you can proceed.

helpnow said...

Hi thanks for the guide..

However my Wifi mac address is not the same as before ... and my wifi does not work.. how to fix?

helpnow said...

I actually found a good page to fix the wifi mac address issue... http://android.modaco.com/topic/3484...locked-now-up/

brewskeyboy said...

I had the same problem. It's just a problem with an old ROM. You'll find you also don't have an alarm clock probably. Use the Crescent.zip one on http://android.modaco.com/topic/349128-how-to-rooting-unlocking-and-de-branding-your-zte-crescent-updated-now-complete/

Also download sanfran2kernel.zip from that same page and put the two files on the SD card. Restart the whole process from the first step and go again using the new ROM. Before flashing the Crescent ROM, make sure you wipe the data/factory, wipe the Cache, wipe the Dalvik Cache. When it comes to flashing the new ROM, select Crescent.zip and once it's done, without turning off the phone flash the sanfran2kernel.zip in exactly the same way. Then reboot.

You may be able to skip most of the steps and go straight to powering on and holding volume down to get into flashing the new ROM. I just took the safe way as I'm new to all this.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Hi and thanks for your reply.
Finally i've unlocked my osf2.
But i see that my wifi works only with open wifi net and not with wifi wpa2 key request.
Anyone can help me?
And what about debrand the phone from orange?

timotei said...

id like to change the rom but the phone wont boot into ftm or any recovery modes at all. i have tried rom manager to flash and start recovery mode but in every case the phone becomes stuck at the green android screen untill the battery is removed. help

Anonymous said...

man you are a genious!! it worked like a charm thanks for the awesome guide..but I have a little problem which is that after flashed original stock ROM my Wifi is not working how can I fix it?? many thanks..

sorry for my english..I am Italian..

Richard said...

I installed the "r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip" Custom ROM but after the reboot it just keeps cycling on the "Android" logo and never boots the OS; any ideas?


Savi Kumar said...

Hi Richard,

Can you try with official ROM, because it worked for me and for my friends without any issues.
Follow the steps 21 till 24 to reinstall the OSFII official ROM.

djsamomol said...

hi, "when i go to 03 preparation and run the cmd line,it says waiting for device for over 10 minutes"
Im having the exact same problem, i have tried uninstalling and installing again, restarting, selecting 'install driver from specific location option' option, nothing seems to work, please help. im stuck there. PS. i have tried on 2 different computers. xp and win7

Carl said...

I am having trouble with step 8, after the dos pops up nothing else seems to happen?
Thanks Carl.

Savi Kumar said...

Dear djsamomol & Carl,
During the step 8, if the phone got restarted automatically, then the phone will be enable to upgrade mode, so you can try proceeding the next step ( step 9) to check whether the phone goes to FTM mode or not, if it goes to FTM, then you can proceed the unlock by proceeding the step 10 onwards, otherwise try the below steps.
My friend had the same issue, because of the old USB Driver, try to reinstall the USB Driver with the setup file from the phone ( while connecting the phone to PC, you can able to see the CD/DVD drive loaded from this phone hardware which will have the USB Driver setup file).

Anonymous said...

are the stock rom debrand or still orange software

Mafferz said...

Oh dear. It seems megaupload.com has just been seized by the FBI. Kim Schmitz is absolutely loaded. Money obviously can't buy looks.


The first link is now dead. Kindly upload "OSF_II_Unlocking.rar" somewhere that is less likely to be seized.

Many thankings.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
steve said...

any new custom roms ??? thanks steve

Savi Kumar said...

Give me some time, i will upload to new site and update the link :)

Savi Kumar said...

New Link has been updated in the steps itself.

suleiman said...

thanks man the steps were so simple and toke me less than 30min to unlock the phone only problem i had at point 17 it wont let me click on start till i closed the other program and also if you can upload diff roms that will be great as i dont like the orange one

Lawrence said...

Hi, I have unlocked it, and installed a custom ROM (Fish 'n' Chips). However, I didn't do the last step to install CWM. How do I do that now? Powering on with the volume down key held goes to FTM, not Bootloader.

Savi Kumar said...

Lawrence -- Step 23 will help you to go to bootloader, be aware that this step will erase the current rom, so you should have you update.zip file in your sd card to recover

suleiman -- Have you not tried the custom rom in the link - r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip Custom ROM

vadima62 said...

Hi I have unlocked my phone and it worked fine for a week. But yesterday evening i wanted to reboot sf2 and it was stuck during the load of Orange logo (I have stock rom installed). I wanted to install another rom from your site but can't get into bootloader. Powering on with the volume down key held goes to FTM, not Bootloader.
What to do?

Savi Kumar said...

vadima62 -- I hope the issue will solve, if you perform the post unlock steps ( which is start from steps 21 till end )

vadima62 said...

when I go through step 22 - run the “install-recovery-windows.bat” file - it says device error and doesn't flash recovery.img. What else can I do? ( reinstalling Handset_USB_Drive and QPST application doesn't help)

Stefing said...

Excellent, clear instructions.
However after step 20 my phone would only go into the recovery, not a problem as I moved r1_de-branded_blade2-update-signed.zip to the SD card, renamed it update.zip and flashed it via recovery.
I did notice though that the touchscreen is a little out with this ROM, I have to press to the left all the time - anybody else?

Stefing said...

Oh and debug mode doesn't seem to work with that ROM.

vadima62 said...

Please help me. I still don't know how to fix my phone...

Savi Kumar said...

Hi vadima62, can you try to go to FTM mode, if that goes, then try to perform the unlock steps again. this might help to resolve the issue.

naftilos76 said...

I got also stuck in the “03 Preparation” step which made me wait for some time to think things over and go through all your comments so that i can understand what i was doing wrong. Finally what worked for me perfectly was the following procedure:

First of all download the file: OSF_II_Unlocking.rar from: http://www.mediafire.com/?d24y20bc0y9ynqx

1 - Install 01 USB drive
2 - Install 02 QPST2.7_366
3 - Use an Orange card to get access to the phone and enable USB debugging Settings->Applications->Development->USB debugging
4 - Power down and reboot phone into FTM mode by powering up while holding volume down button
5 - Launch "QPST Configuration" application located in windows Start Menu -> QPST -> QPST Configuration
6 - Click on menu "Start client" and select submenu "Software Download"
7 - Select "Backup" on the utility and choose where to save the "QCN" file. Click Start button.
8 - Go to “04 Unlock OSFII” folder and run “download.exe” file to launch unlock process. Press Start to initiate unlock process
9 - Go back to "QPST Configuration" application located in windows Start Menu -> QPST -> QPST Configuration
10 - Select “Restore” on the utility , then find the “QCN” file you saved and restore it. (enable “Allow phone /file ESN Mismatch“
11 - Power down the phone by removing battery.
12 - Download to the sd card root any compatible ROM such as one of these:
*No renaming is necessary
13 - Put the sd card back into the phone and power on the phone. It will go into recovery mode. Use volume keys to go up/down and home button to select/accept. Navigate into the menu and select install ROM from sd card. Go to the desired ROM file and accept to install it. It will take some time for the ROM to get installed.
14 - After ROM installation is complete, navigate through the menu and select "reboot phone"

That's it! You've got yourself a sim-unlocked phone.

Romkin said...

Is there a way to do the same on Macintosh ?

Savi Kumar said...

sorry Romkin, I do not know :(

2kaç said...

Hey Savi,

I got the same Problem as Hermione01 and brewskeyboy!

At step 03 my PC is not able to detect the USB drive. How do I delete all the drivers at XP?! Will it be a problem if I use only a dongle for internet - so the driver for the dongle will be deleted as well?

I already tried the steps yesterday at a friends win 7 computer - did not work either.

What do I do wrong? Can you post a video?

Prateek said...

So just 1 question !Step two says :

"2. Download OSF_II_Unlocking.rar file. This file has all the required unlock tools.
Note : Download & Perform the Steps 21 & 22 for ROM Installation Now. "

so i download the rar file? then do i have to download a rom and install it i.e. steps 21 & 22? or do i proceed with step 3?

Savi Kumar said...

Hi Prateek,
You should perform this step 21 and 22 & then continue with Step 3.

Hi 2kaç,
Please download the lates USB driver from the page http://www.getandroidfree.com/advanced/how-to-install-custom-roms-from-scratch-osfii-zte-crescent/2/ and continue.

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